Top 5 Furnace Energy Efficiency Tips for the Winter

The days are getting colder, and utility bills are getting higher. During the winter months, the majority of NJ residents end up paying more for energy costs, especially when it comes to electricity and gas. On a chilly winter night, using the oven to cook dinner and bake desserts can end up costing you a pretty penny. And as temperatures drop, all we want to do is turn on the heater and take a long, hot shower! Sadly, these factors can lead to a costly energy bill. It’s important to consider heating oil prices and furnace energy efficiency tips to save on winter bills. Below are important tips to becoming energy-efficient the next few months.

1. Furnace Maintenance Is Key

For homeowners in Monmouth County who use oil heat, it’s vital to keep it maintained so that furnace energy efficiency can benefit the utility bill. Simply having your home’s heating system  professionally maintained annually can save fuel. It’s not only going to work better but also last longer!

2. Conserve Heat

Surprisingly, the thermostat for oil furnaces actually has a lot to do with energy efficiency. First, take your thermostat down a notch or two. Consumers Energy reports that you’ll most likely save 1 percent to 3 percent on your heating costs for every degree you dial down.

3. Change Filter

Another way to cut heating costs is to change your furnace filter often during the winter season, a time when heaters are highly used. Not only does changing the filter increase the lifespan of the furnace, but it also ends up saving you money. A clogged filter requires more energy, so be sure to change it once every three months to ensure an energy efficient furnace.

4. Replacing An Old Furnace

Investing in a new furnace can dramatically cut your utility costs as well. Thanks to technological advances, modern furnaces have never been more efficient. If you’re considering removing an old oil furnace or wanting to install a new one, be sure to contact the experts at Lawes Company to take advantage of furnace removal and installation services.

5. Choose Lawes

The oil provider you end up choosing should be local, and their technicians should be fully certified. Service contracts and comfort plans are also a great way to save money on  heating oil costs. The experts at Lawes will help set you up with the best cost-effective plan to suit your heating needs. If you’re interested in learning more about heating oil prices, automatic oil delivery or ready for a service contract to ensure a worry-free heating system, let Lawes assist and direct you towards saving money and energy this winter season.

If you are a New Jersey homeowner interested in oil heat and how it could make a difference in your property, contact Lawes Home Comfort Specialists by calling (732) 741-6300 or filling out our online contact form.