Carpet & Indoor Air Quality: How To Be Smart About Carpeting

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Everyone wants to have a safe and comfortable home. This is why homeowners do what they can to make home improvements. Some homeowners might prefer carpet to be their flooring as it reduces noise, provides insulation, and enhances the aesthetics of their rooms. After all, carpets come in many beautiful patterns and colors. However, carpets also have some drawbacks. Once you acknowledge why carpet is bad for you, you can make better choices for any issues you might encounter. Read on to find out everything you need to know how carpets affect indoor air quality.

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How Do Carpets Impact Indoor Air Quality?

You might think that carpets are made from natural materials because they feel soft and lush. However, a majority of carpets are actually made of synthetic fibers. Companies love using these materials because of their resistance to stains and cheap prices. Toxic chemicals are also used in manufacturing and installing carpets. If these chemicals are released into the air, you might experience health issues when you are exposed repeatedly. Older carpets can be dangerous because they could trap dust, dirt, pet dander, mold, pesticides, bacteria, and cleaning solutions. These can be difficult to remove.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

indoor air quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is the condition of the air circulating inside a building. Poor air quality can negatively impact the well-being and health of the people inside these buildings. The indoor air might end up getting them sick or feeling irritable. Symptoms might pop up quickly upon exposure or develop as time passes. These symptoms can be mild or severe, depending on the cause. The pollutants might come from inside or outside the house, so you must be vigilant. You can minimize the indoor pollutant levels when you know their common causes. This is a vital task in keeping your family safe.

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What Impacts Indoor Air Quality?

The IAQ often suffers because of poor ventilation. Designs of modern homes typically prevent air from escaping as they rely on active cooling and heating from HVAC systems. Frequently replacing the HVAC air filters can help manage the air quality, but it isn’t sufficient. Dust, dirt, and other debris can get trapped inside and accumulate. Harmful chemicals from indoor sources can’t be vented as well. High indoor humidity also encourages the growth of bacteria, which can be a health problem when neglected. Common sources of indoor air pollutants are cleaning products, tobacco products, wall paints, and pressed wood furniture.

Is Carpet Bad For Your Indoor Air Quality?

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Carpets can worsen your indoor air quality. However, this doesn’t mean you are powerless against it. If you keep your carpets clean and carry out other solutions, you can keep carpets in your house without worry. Carpets only cause problems when you neglect them.

Your family might start to show signs of respiratory issues. You might notice them coughing or sneezing all the time, having breathing difficulty, and having runny noses. Those who have asthma and other illnesses might find themselves suffering more than usual due to the airborne particles the carpet releases.

Some could also suffer from allergies due to exposure to things they are sensitive to. For instance, several people might be allergic to pet dander or dust mites. The body might react severely, such as constant sneezing, skin irritation, and high fever.

Our immune system works around the clock to protect us from harmful particles and substances from our immediate surroundings. It typically works well, but it can get weaker as time passes when overworked with a toxic and dirty setting. Babies and toddlers frequently crawl on the floor, so there is a greater risk of coming into contact with carpet pollutants.

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Steps To Take Before Buying Carpet

It is crucial to take proactive steps to reduce the indoor pollution in your home before purchasing a carpet, given everything we need to know on how carpet affects the air quality. Here are some of the things to consider if you are really set on getting a carpet:

Research The Materials And Construction

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When choosing a carpet, look at more than the design, colors, and cost. Research on the various materials used in carpet-making. It is recommended that you purchase carpets made of natural fibers. Get the least harmful out of the synthetic options if this is too expensive.

Find Out More About Their VOC Emissions

Look for anything written regarding their volatile organic compounds emissions. Almost all carpets emit VOCs to some degree, but some are eco-friendlier than others. Choose green brands that make it a point to lessen the toxicity for the consumers.

Set Up Alternative Accommodations During Installation

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Adhesives used in carpet installation still have foul-smelling and dangerous emissions. Consider other options to keep the carpet in place. You might also opt to prepare accommodations somewhere else, so your family doesn’t have to inhale bad indoor air during installation. The air should clear out after a few days.

Ensure Good Ventilation In Affected Areas

Ensure that there is good ventilation in affected areas to quicken the removal of pollutants. Open windows so outdoor air can come in to dilute the contaminants and take them outside. Utilize exhaust fans when possible as well.

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Read The Care Instructions Carefully And Follow Them

Each carpet needs slightly different types of upkeep due to the nature of its fibers and construction. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Clean the carpet regularly, especially in areas that receive high traffic.



Carpets can be excellent flooring in some situations, but they need a good deal of maintenance. They can contribute to the deterioration of your indoor air quality if you neglect to clean it now and then. You can also implement solutions like air purifiers if you are concerned about IAQ. Consult your local, trusted HVAC technician to know more.

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