Is Your Furnace Malfunctioning? Here’s What To Check

homeowner feeling chilly due to malfunctioning furnace

It seems the only time that we think about our furnace is when it stops working. If your furnace is malfunctioning or has stopped working, there could be several reasons for this. Often, simple maintenance checks can help to prevent problems before they start. You should never try to repair your furnace on your own. However, there are some troubleshooting methods you can use before requiring Shrewsbury NJ furnace repair. In this article, we will discuss these tips in order to avoid paying for a heater repair cost when it is unnecessary.

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Is Your Furnace Malfunctioning? Here’s What To Check

Keep reading to properly troubleshoot your furnace when it isn’t working as expected.

Check Your Filter

hvac air filter replacement

Often the filter is the most overlooked remedy to furnace problems.

An HVAC filter can get dirty, and sometimes, we forget to replace them. A dirty filter will cause your unit to become damaged or to run less efficiently. Change the filter monthly. If you have a dirty filter and don’t know how to change it, you should contact the manufacturer of your unit for help. Also, a reputable HVAC company will also be able to show you how to replace your filter.

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Check The Thermostat

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It may seem obvious, but the thermostat is often another overlooked factor when it comes to furnace issues. Maybe someone changed the settings or, possibly, the thermostat is not getting power. Thermostats usually connect to your heater through a set of wires that get power from your electrical system, or, it may run on batteries. Set your thermostat to “heat”. You can try turning the system off and then back on again. Listen to see that the furnace starts up and set the temperature to the highest setting. Make sure it stays on while you are checking your system. Additionally, be sure that the fan is on “auto”.

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Check The Air Flow

If your home feels cold…

it may not be the furnace itself. The problem could be the registers in your rooms. Open them if they are closed. Also, do not block the air vents with furniture or curtains. Additionally, if the registers are dusty or dirty, clean them with a vacuum brush attachment or with a soft cloth. Make sure that you can feel warm air flowing through the vents. You will need to find the intake register (this is the main vent through which the furnace draws in air from your home) and clean it as well.

Sometimes, when your home feels cold, it could just be poor insulation or drafty windows and doors. You will need to winterize your home if this is the case. Make sure that you maintain your furnace in good working order. This is key to achieving maximum efficiency. You should make sure to get an annual furnace tune-up if you have not yet done this. A tune-up is a great way to prevent unnecessary home heating repairs in the future.


Locate The Heater’s Power Source

If you still have no heat, or there is a blank screen showing on your thermostat, it may not be the furnace itself but your power source to the heating system. Set the furnace’s switch to the “on” position. If it is, check to make sure by turning it off and back on again. After this, check the electrical panel in your home. Locate the circuit breaker for your furnace to ensure that it has not tripped. If it is off or tripped, turn it off and then turn it back on again. Doing this will reset the breaker. If it continues to trip, you should have your home’s electrical system checked by a qualified electrician to ensure there is not a shortage of your power source.

You should also contact a qualified HVAC professional for heating service repair to further diagnose any problems. They can provide you with a set of repair options that will get your heater back in working order.

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When you are having furnace problems…

it is essential to take care of the problem immediately. Sometimes the problem could be more significant than you realize. Consequently, a professional is the only one who will be able to diagnose any problems with your furnace and fix it properly.

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