What To Include On Your Fall To-Do List

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One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make is waiting until winter to protect their homes from the freezing outdoor temperatures. By then, it is already too late. The best time to handle these tasks is in the fall. Not only are the conditions milder and easy to work with, but you also won’t need to rush to get things done. We agree that tackling the infamous fall to-do list is never any fun. However, you will be happy that you did it when the outside temperature drops.

Your fall to-do list should include…

a set of indoor and outdoor tasks, which includes scheduling a heater tune-up. Aberdeen NJ residents should do this before the winter arrives. Lawes Company can help homeowners prepare for winter by offering professional heating system maintenance. This will ensure that the heater will keep the house warm when you need it the most.

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How To Prepare Your Home For The Fall Season

In this article, you will find a list of tasks that should be added to your fall to-do list. When you start early, you will have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared. Also, if you need additional work done on your home, you will have enough time to get it all done before winter arrives.

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Perform A General Clean-Up

Most people do a spring and fall clean-up in their yard. Spring is the time to do a clean-up because the yard needs to be refreshed and prepared for new growth. A clean-up should be done in the fall as well so that there is less mess to clean up in the spring. Also, when you clean up in the fall, you will be able to make space for things that you are going to need to get through the winter.

Find And Seal Air Leaks

sealing window air leaks at home for energy efficiency

When there are air leaks in the home, your heating system will need to work harder during the winter. These leaks will let the warm air escape from the home and it will let the cold air come in. This will result in a higher heating bill each month. You should go to all of the doors and windows and check for any drafts and then seal them up. Also check for cracks in the walls, as well as the area where the wall meets the floors and the ceilings. This can save you up to 10 percent on your monthly energy bill.

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Get Your Gutters Ready For Winter

The gutters on your home are designed to let the water from the roof flow down through the gutters and onto the ground. It is not uncommon for leaves and debris to clog the gutters. This will keep the water from flowing the way that it should and it can cause damage and flooding inside the home. You should clean your gutters and make sure that there is nothing in them that can cause a clog.

Inspect Your Roof

image of a roof of a house and fall home preparation

Fall is a good time to get on the roof and do a complete inspection. Start by looking for anything that could cause a leak, such as holes and cracks. If you find any, you should seal them up. Replace any missing shingles. This can be a lot of work; however, it will be worth it when the snow piles up on the house, and you won’t need to worry about water leaking into the home.

Freeze-Proof Your Outdoor Plumbing Fixtures

It is very important that you protect your outdoor pipes and exposed plumbing fixtures in the fall. When water freezes, it expands, which can cause the pipes to burst. Remove your garden hoses and put them away for the winter. Next, turn off the water supply to the pipes that deliver water to the outdoor water fixtures. Finally, you buy weather-protecting Styrofoam. Their designs help protect your outdoor fixtures from the cold. You can find these products at your local hardware store.

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Prepare Your Humidifier

If you want your humidifier to do its job efficiently during the winter…

you need to get it ready in the fall. Start by checking all of the humidifier’s elements to be sure that there is no dirt and debris that can reduce its efficiency. Also, check it for any damage. To clean up the humidifier, you should wipe it down with soap and water and rinse it with water. If there is a stubborn build-up of debris, you can use a wire brush to remove it. When your humidifier is in tip-top shape, it will keep your wood from cracking and it will make the home more comfortable.

Schedule A Heater Tune-Up

furnace tune-up

It is best to schedule your tune-up in the fall to prevent the winter rush.

Regular tune-ups can solve issues such as…

inefficiency, unreliability, and excessive noise. There are plenty of things that can cause these problems such as dirty ducts, a faulty thermostat, damaged belts, and issues with the unit’s components. Whatever the problem is, a professional can repair it during the tune-up. It is much cheaper to repair heater issues early on than to pay for something that caused a complete breakdown. A heating system tune-up ensures that your unit runs more efficiently by requiring less energy to operate. This will result in lower heating bills. A tune-up in the fall will also ensure that your home remains warm and comfortable all winter long. You should schedule an appointment today.


Heater Tune-Up Aberdeen NJ

There are many homeowners who will skip their annual autumn heater tune-up to avoid furnace tune-up cost. You should understand that the cost is well worth it. A tune-up will address minor issues. This will prevent major, expensive issues. In the long run, the tune-up will pay for itself. You will notice the money that you save on your energy bills when your heating system is running efficiently. So, when looking for a ‘furnace tune-up near me”, contact Lawes Company.

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