Should My Furnace Smell Like Heating Oil?

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Heating oil has been serving countless households in the US annually. It is highly efficient and is priced at a competitive cost, making it an appealing choice for many homes. If you use a heating oil system in your home and you suddenly catch a whiff of the oil’s distinct smell, it is no wonder that you might worry. However, it shouldn’t be an issue if you have an excellent containment system in place. The heating oil smell is likely to go away quickly if this is the case. In the rare event that it doesn’t, consult a professional technician from Lawes Company. An expert can help find the issue and ensure a high level of indoor air quality in your home.

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Is It Normal To Smell Heating Oil?

Heating oil smell should not linger inside your home. Although this is not a normal thing to happen, there are times that it can happen. Sometimes the scent is fleeting. Other times, it persists. Listed below are the likely causes for the smell of heating oil around your home:

Oil Tank Received A Refill Recently

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Did you recently get an oil tank refill? If so, then it might be what’s causing the smell of heating oil to linger in the air. The scent should be faint and not overpowering. A couple of days should be what it takes for the odor to go away.

If it continues to persist, the oil delivery personnel might have spilled oil on the ground. You can clean up the spill by using a porous cloth to absorb it and prevent further spread. Any damaged materials should be isolated before you clean the leftover spill with soap and water.

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Furnace Was Used Again After A Long Time

When did you last turn on your furnace? Heating systems are not used during the summer months. They are only switched on again when the temperatures drop. Therefore, the first time you open it again after a long time of being idle tends to bring the smell of heating oil around your home. This is normal, and the smell should disappear soon.

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A Clogged Furnace Filter

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When did you last replace the furnace filter? The permeating oil smell could be because the filter is clogged. Replacing the air filter should be done at least once every two or three months. Look at the air filter to see if it’s dirty and needs changing. However, if the smell is still there even after you replaced the furnace filter, then it is likely caused by other issues. Call Lawes Company right away.

An Underlying Furnace Problem

The smell could be an indicator that your furnace is experiencing a deeper problem. It could be operating inefficiently, meaning the oil doesn’t burn completely. The oil dregs could be what is causing the smell to persist. Another reason could be cracks on the oil burner. The fumes could be escaping via these gaps. Your furnace might also have heat exchanger failure. Your local trusted HVAC technician from Lawes Company should be able to pinpoint the exact problem your furnace has and fix it immediately.

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Is The Oil Smell Dangerous?

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The most pressing concern homeowners have about the smell is how it can affect their health. This is especially true when their oil tank is located in enclosed areas like the basement. However, there shouldn’t be any problem as heating oil is less toxic than natural gas. Short-term exposure to low concentrations isn’t as dangerous, and any symptoms should be gone as soon as the smell dissipates. There is also no threat of explosion as heating oil is stable enough. However, it is always recommended that you avoid inhaling fumes at all costs. Call an expert immediately once you smell heating oil in your home. Otherwise, you might end up with more complicated problems on your hands.

What To Do If You Smell Heating Oil

Go over the list and conduct the necessary actions. Do not forget to switch off the heating system until the problem is fixed. This way, you do not risk any accidents. You should also make sure that your home is well-ventilated to help the smell go away. Open the windows around your home to let the fumes out. Children and pets should also stay away from the contaminated area to keep them safe.

These are just basic fixes to minor heating oil smell issues. If you find yourself dealing with more than you can handle, do not hesitate to seek professional assistance. Your furnace might be experiencing more than what you can smell, hear, or see. An HVAC technician should look into it to assess and diagnose the problem.

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People have a keen sense of smell for a good reason. It can alert us of the possible dangers that we cannot perceive with our eyes and ears. Foul odors let us know that there are problems that need to be looked at right away. If you smell heating oil around your home, then it is to your best interest that you find the reason for it immediately. Common causes include oil deliveries, blocked furnace filters, and the initial use of your furnace after a period of time. An HVAC contractor should be able to help you solve whatever is causing the smell.

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