Furnace Breakdown: How To Stay Warm Without A Heater

woman feeling cold due to poor furnace heating

Everyone is fond of staying cozy in those chilly winter months. Your heating system, an important piece of equipment, becomes your most valued item. To keep your heater running at tip-top shape, it is important to have it regularly maintained by an HVAC licensed professional. Regular maintenance will allow it to run at maximum efficiency and help to reduce breakdowns and malfunctions. Unfortunately, things will happen and even the best-maintained heating systems experience a breakdown from time to time. In the unfortunate case your heating unit stops working in the wintertime, there a few things you can do while your wait for a heater repair in Shrewsbury NJ. Below, we discuss how to stay warm without a heater.

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How To Stay Warm While Waiting For Your HVAC Contractor

When your heater is broken…

do not fix it yourself. Everyone knows that DIY repairs are popular, particularly with the advent of homemade videos on the Internet. Call Lawes Company immediately and then use the following tips to stay warm.

Close Off Unused Rooms Or Areas

vacant room in house

The first thing to do is to retain the heat that remains in your home. Close doors to unused rooms and areas. Try to retain heat in one room or area. Cutting off the draft from other rooms will help minimize the amount of heat that is lost. Even on a really cold day, a home should be able to retain enough heat for a few hours.

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Use The Kitchen

The kitchen is a terrific source of heat when your furnace breaks down. Pop something into the oven or slow cook a soup on the stovetop. The passive heat that comes from the stove will heat the area while cooking a cozy meal. It conveniently accomplishes two benefits for one action. It is amazing how much heat the kitchen produces.

Work Out

homeowner getting exercise due to malfunctioning heater

If your heating unit is on the fritz…

consider heating yourself by using your own “natural” heater. Pick one room that you want to isolate yourself in. This means that this is the room that you will perform the majority of your activities in and this is the room that you will try to isolate the remaining heat in. In this room, do some exercise. Any physical activity will generate some warmth. The calories your body burns, from exercising, have the welcoming side effect of generating heat. Not only will it heat up your body, but the excess heat will also heat up the room too. It is another two-for-one activity that you can do to heat your home.

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Pay Attention For Gas Leaks

There are several reasons that your heating unit can malfunction. One common reason is a gas leak. As said before, the first thing you should do in case of a heater problem is call a licensed professional. While trying to stay warm, be aware of any unpleasant odors. Pay special attention if the odor is similar to sulfur or rotten eggs. If you do detect these odors, there is a good chance there is a gas leak.

A gas leak is an extremely dangerous situation and you need to evacuate the household immediately.

Call the fire department once you have safely exited the dwelling. Do not re-enter the house until it is cleared by the fire department and an HVAC technician. Luckily, emergency repair HVAC technicians are common and easily available. The trick is finding the right one to suit your needs. Make sure that you only work with someone who has a trusted name in the HVAC industry.

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For a reputable company to maintain and repair your furnace, contact Lawes Company. Our certified technicians can properly maintain and diagnose your heating unit. They will present you with a workable set of solutions for any problems posed by your furnace so that you can choose which works best for you. You can expect prompt and reliable service without spending a fortune. Make a simple phone call to set an appointment.

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