What Is A Standby Generator?

generac whole-house generator

Around 3.5 million Americans lose power every week. It is common for households to experience around five outages per year. Most homeowners can’t do anything but wait for the power to come back. Others purchase a standby generator. If you are unfamiliar with a whole-house generator, read this article to explore more.

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How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Generac Standby Generator?

power outage

A whole-house generator can help you avoid dealing with the numerous inconveniences that come with a power outage. They can also keep you safe during extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize how affordable this appliance is. This article discusses the factors that impact a Generac generator installation.

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How To Pick A Residential Generac Generator For Your Home

power outage at home

When you don’t have electricity, then your situation can become very inconvenient, affecting both your comfort levels and safety. A whole-house generator provides you with power when you need it the most. In this article, we discuss some information that can help you choose the best residential generator for your home.

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