Protect Your Home This Spring With A Standby Generator

A generator for your home, during the spring months, is the best way to ensure you have power for your home. Many areas, including Shrewsbury NJ, are prone to power outages of varying durations.

In nasty weather, some outages can last for several days. If you are considering a standby generators Shrewbury NJ, call Lawes Company. They can maintain, repair, and install a whole-house generator for your home.

Lawes Company provides more than just backup generator services. We can also maintain, repair, and install heating and cooling systems for your home. In addition to generator and HVAC services, we can also deliver fuel to keep your home nice and warm. If any of these systems need servicing, you can count on us to send out one of our qualified technicians to your home. We offer free in-home estimates and free second opinions. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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Why Whole-House Generators Are A Great Alternate Power Source

image of electrical lines that are down

Most households have a dependence on electricity. Many have homes that run entirely on electricity, using it for all the appliances, including their heating, and cooling.

Power outages render houses like this completely useless.

This level of electric dependence makes power outages even more devastating, especially when they last for extended periods of time.

If you have a home that relies on electrical power, a whole-house generator is a worthwhile investment. This statement is especially true if you live in an area that is prone to loss of electricity. It is even more critical if you live in a remote area where the time to reinstall power can be lengthy. It only takes one extended power outage for you to appreciate the investment of a standby generator.

Some areas are susceptible to blackouts and brownouts, all times of the year. Severe weather can appear in any season. Several different harsh conditions range from rain, wind, fire, flooding, and a lot more. It does not take a lot to damage power lines. Therefore, a generator offers security to your home many times throughout the year. A generator can keep the essential systems of your home functional for several days on end. There are several ways that you will see a return on your home generator investment.

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Mitigate Losses

image of homeowner plugging nose due to rotten food in fridge

Several things are at risk when you lose power to your home for hours or days.

The first thing that is at risk is your food. Everyone has a refrigerator that requires electrical power. It does not take very long for the temperature inside your refrigerator to rise.

While it takes a bit longer, your frozen items will also spoil from an extended power outage. Therefore, you can lose hundreds of dollars to spoiled food items.

If you lose power during the winter, you might not have to worry about your food getting warm, but you will have to worry about other internal systems. The most significant problem that occurs during the winter is frozen plumbing pipes. Frozen pipes can cause the water pipe to crack and burst. The broken pipes will then lead to flooding and water damage.

Flooding can also occur if you lose power to a sump pump. Many people rely on their sump pump to keep water from flooding their home. These kinds of problems can result in damage to flooring, drywall, and more. Even a small flood can result in a staggeringly high repair bill. Investing in a generator can prevent any of these problems.

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Keep Your Home Safe

While it is common to consider your heating, cooling, and refrigeration during a power loss, many do not think about the security risk of a power outage.

Without an alternate power supply, your home’s security system will also cease to function. This lack of security can leave your property in a vulnerable position.

The lack of lighting will make your and your home a target for criminal opportunists. This claim is valid whether you are home or not. A generator will keep your lights on and your security systems in operation. It is an investment that can mitigate damage and keep you safe.

Safety will also come in the form of voltage. Surges in the power systems are frequent during times of outages. Surges can damage or ruin all of your homes electrical systems and appliances. Power surges are also known to create electrical fires. The chance is remote but is still a real possibility. It is entirely preventable if you have a backup generator.


Why Use A Professional Backup Generator Installation Company?

When you question “how big of a generator do I need?” or any other questions about a backup generator, then you can give the professionals at Lawes Company a call.

It is important to understand that a whole house generator is not a DIY project. Usually, when homeowners install a generator, they usually get the standby generator sizing and the electrical requirements incorrect. Only a professional should install and service a Generac standby generator.

You can trust the experts at Lawes to deliver excellent service. Not only that, but we will offer you the best standby generator installation cost. Call our office today to schedule a free estimate. Our specialists will take all of the time that you need to answer any questions so that you may find the best out of all the Generac generators for your home!

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When you think of what electricity does for your home, it is easy to think of small things. You might think of comfort, your television, cell phone, and other entertainment devices. You may work from home and require access to the Internet. Also, with a whole-house generator, you would prevent paying for extended hotel stays.

The reality is that electricity does much more than offer convenience.

It is the lifeline of most homes. In this age of severe, unpredictable, and violent weather, outages are a reality everywhere. The truth is, that with a standby generator, you can mitigate a lot of damage, loss, and risks. It will only take one prolonged blackout for you to realize how good of an investment this is for your home. A generator will save you money in the long run.

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