Why Is My Furnace Leaking on the Floor?

HVAC Technician Cleaning A Leaking Natural Gas Furnace

Life is full of surprises and they are not always pleasant. For example, we purchase appliances to make our homes more comfortable. However, these machines could end up bringing us problems at the most inconvenient moments. For example, many have experienced coming home to a furnace leaking water. It is a common occurrence with multiple possible causes. This could be a serious issue that poses a hazard or a minor annoyance that you can quickly fix. In both cases, it would be prudent to deal with the heating system problem as soon as you can.

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Why is the Furnace Leaking Water?

Before you can fix the furnace leak, you must figure out the exact cause. Explore the various possibilities and leave no stone unturned. Leaks are heavily influenced by the furnace type and the furnace efficiency rating. Read on to learn more about the details.

Condensation in the Furnace

furnace condensation

A high-efficiency furnace has a cool exhaust that could trigger condensation. This is a natural consequence of the system design and nothing to be worried about. The moisture passes through a PVC pipe that goes to the floor drain in the furnace room.

Although the presence of water is not surprising, that doesn’t mean that things can’t go wrong. The pipe or the drain may get clogged. Since the water can’t pass through normally, it will back up and find a weak spot in the system to come out of. This furnace leak must be resolved immediately.

Conventional furnaces should not leak water as part of normal operation. However, you may observe this phenomenon in older systems exceeding 15 years of service. This is often due to the use of a wrong pipe size that is forcing water to go back to the furnace. No matter what you are dealing with, you should not neglect the issue for a long time. Let HVAC repair technicians look into it right away.

Broken Condensation Line

We have already pointed out the natural condensation that occurs in high-efficiency furnaces. The water generally moves out of the system using a condensate line. Any damage to this line can lead to leaks. Modern furnaces have condensation pumps that actively move the moisture out of the system to stay dry. Pump failure can also result in leaks.

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Problems with the Furnace Humidifier

When you see a furnace leak, you should also check the humidifier. Homeowners often add this to counter the dryness that makes them uncomfortable during the colder months of the year. This needs water to work and problems may develop over time that causes leaks. The humidifier itself could also crack and create openings for water to move out. It could even push water into the furnace which is an even bigger problem.

It is always tempting to try to solve it yourself. Many do this to save money but this could backfire if you are not a trained professional. Furnaces are complex and sensitive systems. Professional technicians undergo rigorous training and certification before they go out on service calls. Amateurs usually lack a deep understanding of the system to make the right decisions. Technicians will often inspect the humidifier first before looking at the other parts of the furnace.


The Role of the Air Conditioner

It may seem unlikely but the culprit could be none other than the air conditioner. Some regions have weather patterns that force households to use the furnace and the air conditioner alternately during certain periods. The leak may be traced to the AC in such cases. Remember that cooling units tend to trigger condensation around the coils. In fact, drains are in place to move the water down towards a pan and a drain line. If there is a clog along the path, then a leak will emerge. People might think that it is coming from the furnace but a closer inspection will reveal the real source.

Sometimes the discovery can be straightforward. Other times, it is not so obvious so you will need the guidance and expertise of a professional technician. Ask one to come by to check the situation in your home. Both the heating and cooling systems can be inspected to determine the problem. Reduce your worries by letting pros handle the matter.

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Furnace Filter Replacement

image of a dirty hvac filter

It is always a good idea to look into the state of the furnace HVAC filter each month. Once you see it getting clogged with dirt, you should replace it with a fresh new furnace filter. This will not be able to fix the leaks since it is not a direct cause. However, it will enable the heating system to run smoother for longer. Once the leak repairs are finished, replace the filter prior to turning the furnace back on.

What To Do When You See a Furnace Leak

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Act quickly when you see a leak. Call your trusted local HVAC technician to schedule a home visit. They might seem like minor issues but leaks could create massive problems such as property damage and faulty components. Persistent moisture will also make the immediate environment conducive to mold growth. This is a health hazard.

Get the house ready for the technician’s visit. Turn the system off in its entirety. Use the switch or disconnect the breaker. Clean up the water around the base of the furnace. Inspect the air filter and replace it if necessary. Lastly, give the technician space to do their job.

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Furnace leaks are stressful but HVAC technicians are there to help. These pros can come over to troubleshoot and repair the system. They can take the load off your hands and get things back to normal immediately. Find a well-respected company in your area for excellent results.

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