Shrewsbury Climate And Weather

Weather Profile for the Borough of Shrewsbury in New Jersey

Named after a county town in England, the borough of Shrewsbury in the state of New Jersey is part of Monmouth County. Although it is a small and unassuming community of fewer than 4,000 people, Shrewsbury benefits from being strategically close to several major towns and cities in New Jersey. Much has been said about the nearby attractions as well as the luxurious accommodations in the county and nearby locations, but not a lot of people know that one of the best things about Shrewsbury is its favorable and pleasant weather. If you live in the northeastern or southern part of the U.S. and you happen to visit the borough for a couple of days, you’d be amazed at the ideal climate, which probably is also the reason why there are numerous parks and outdoor recreation centers in the borough and state in general.

The climate in the area is deemed as generally warm and temperate. Of course, there always will be extreme winter months, but it is worthy of mention that even in the driest months in the area, there still is a considerable amount of rainfall in Shrewsbury.

According to the classification from Köppen and Geiger, the type of climate in the borough is a “Cfb,” with an average temperature of 8.8 °C. The average temperature puts Shrewsbury at par with the majority of the boroughs and communities in Monmouth County. Also, the average rainfall in the area is precisely 707 mm, which also puts the borough within the nationwide average.

Based on the climate graph from multiple weather experts and agencies, one could argue that the driest month in Shrewsbury is in February. Proof of this is the fact that while the average rainfall is 707, the month of February only receives a measly 46 mm of precipitation. On the other hand, the month that gets the most precipitation is in November, averaging around 70 mm.

When it comes to average temperatures, July is classified as the warmest month of the year in Shrewsbury. Currently, the listed average is 15.5 °C, which obviously could make anyone feel a bit uncomfortable with air conditioning. Meanwhile, the month of January is the exact opposite as it owns the lowest average temperature for the entire year, listed at 2.4 °C. February has an average temperature of 3.1 °C, March with 5.4 °C, while August comes close to becoming the warmest month, next to July, at 15.1°C.

Going back to precipitation, it is important to note that it varies at around 24mm when comparing the driest and wettest months of the year, although it shouldn’t offer a drastic change in the climate or comfort level of the residents. The truth is the climate is generally favorable when you compare it to other regions in the county. For the entirety of the year, the average temperatures in Shrewsbury tend to vary by a modest 13.1°C, which honestly suggests that there are no radical or severe changes in the weather for the most part.

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