Shrewsbury Geography

The Geography of Shrewsbury NJ

Aside from the physical features of a place, geography also includes human activity as it affects and is affected by the location. It also consists of the distribution of populations and resources, industries, and land use.

In this article, we find out more about the geographical makeup of Shrewsbury Borough, New Jersey.

Location and Place

Shrewsbury has a total area of 2.200 square miles, of which 2.168 square miles are land, and 0.032 square miles is water. It has an elevation of 40 feet above sea level. Its land coordinates are 40.3296° N, 74.0615° W. The borough is bordered by the boroughs of Eatontown, Little Silver, Red Bank, Tinton Falls, Shrewsbury Township, and Oceanport. Shrewsbury Borough used to be part of Shrewsbury Township before 1926 until its residents voted to be a separate municipality.

Shrewsbury is mostly plain, or an area of flat land with trees scattered throughout the borough. Some of the bodies of water that run through Shrewsbury are Little Silver Creek and Parkers Creek. One of Little Silver Creek’s branches ends in Simmons Pond.

Moreover, Shrewsbury has a relatively moderate climate, with warm, humid summers and cold winters. The borough’s highest temperature is during July at 84 degrees, whereas January has the lowest temperature with 24 degrees. On average, Shrewsbury receives 47 inches of rain and 26 inches of snow per year. Shrewsbury also receives 209 sunny days and 77.4 precipitation (snow, hail, sleet, rain) days.


Shrewsbury is located at the northeastern section of Monmouth County, New Jersey. Monmouth County is in Central New Jersey, whereas New Jersey is located at the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeastern United States.

People in Shrewsbury

The ethnic composition of the residents of Shrewsbury consists of 94 percent White, 3.9 percent Hispanic, .92 percent Asian, .85 percent two or more races, and .33 percent Black. The commonly spoken language in the area is English, followed by Spanish, Italian, and other Slavic languages.

The median age for Shrewsbury residents was 46.1. Native-born residents had a median age of 44.6 while foreign-born citizens had a median age of 60.7. The most common birthplace for foreign-born residents in the area is Mexico, followed by the Philippines, and then Colombia.

Human-Environment Interaction

As of May 2010, the borough had a total of 21.50 miles of roadways, 16.88 miles of which are maintained by the borough, 2.75 miles by the county, and 1.87 miles by the New Jersey Department of Transportation. The main highways that pass along Shrewsbury are Route 35 and County Road 520. The former is Shrewsbury’s main north-south road while the latter is located along the northern border. Locals in the area can use public transportations such as the train service and local bus service via NJ Transit. The bus serves Routes 831 and 832.

Shrewsbury Borough also has a Shade Tree Commission which is responsible for planting, care, control, improvement, protection, and removal of shade and ornamental trees of shrubbery located on and long any public street, park, parkway, highway, or public place within Shrewsbury Borough. Maintenance includes fertilization, dead wood pruning, and sanitation to name a few.

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