Shrewsbury NJ Real Estate

According to the United States Census, Shrewsbury Borough has a population of 3,809 people, with 1,026 families and 1,261 households living in the borough. In this article, we will discuss the real estate in Shrewsbury.

Types Of Properties

The most common type of property in the area is residential real estate. As of July 2018, there are a total of 1,411 housing units in the area. Most of which are single-family type homes with two to three bedrooms. There are also a few apartments such as the Shrewsbury Arms Apartments, Shrewsbury Commons, and Sycamore Square.

There are also commercial real estate in the area, mostly around Broad St. The commercial spaces in Shrewsbury primarily consist of shopping malls and offices. There are also some educational buildings such as the USA Ballroom, Creative Learning Center, and Techconnection. Some are hotels like the Shrewsbury Hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, and the Premier Inn.

Shrewsbury also has a historic district called the Historic Four Corners. There are 47 pieces of property within this district. Three of these properties are churches, another three are commercial buildings erected within the last 20 years, and 12 are houses built in 1900.


The houses in Shrewsbury NJ have a mid-nineteenth century vernacular with a simple bay articulation. Several homes, especially those located in the historic district, have Queen Anne-styled houses. This style is classified as being asymmetrical in shape with large porches and verandas. These houses are usually only one-story high with walls extending the house to include outdoor living spaces.

Some of the older houses have a Greek Revival style. This style features a low-pitched gable or hip roof, a wide-band trim at the cornice line of the roof, wide porches that are supported by round or square columns, and symmetric windows to name a few. A few also have a Dutch influence, especially those houses that were built during the 18th century. These houses feature a curved gambrel roof and scallop-shingle sides.

Newer houses in Shrewsbury have a Colonial Revival style. These houses have a symmetrical fa├žade and usually have two to three stories. They are made of brick or stone and have a gable roof.

Shrewsbury House Values

The median home value in Shrewsbury is $528,500, which is considerably higher than the $184,700 national median home value.

Rental Properties

Of the 1,411 total housing units in the borough, 1,299 are owner-occupied while 76 are renter occupied. The median rent for Shrewsbury is $2,262. There are currently only three properties that are listed for rent in Shrewsbury: a three-story townhome in Yale Boulevard for $3,200/month, a ranch-style home in Crawford Street for $1,650/month, and a Victorian apartment in Broad Street 2 for $1,700/month.

Neighborhoods in Shrewsbury NJ

There are a couple of neighborhoods in Shrewsbury. One is the Heritage Greens, a sought-after community in the borough. It comprises mostly of single-family residences and prides itself as one of the nicest places in Shrewsbury to live in. Another is the Ivy at Shrewsbury, a pet-friendly community that consists of over 60 townhomes. Other neighborhoods in the area include Curley Heights, Silverbrook Park, Shrewsbury Shore Estates, and Thornbrooke to name a few.


Shrewsbury has a suburban feel wherein most residents own their homes. In fact, a ranking and review website called Niche has dubbed Shrewsbury as one of the best places to live in New Jersey.

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