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Museums to Visit When You’re in Shrewsbury NJ

There are a handful of exciting places to visit when you’re in Shrewsbury, some of which are just a couple of miles away. If you are on a vacation trip in the borough and got some time for recreation, then you should try exploring some of the museums in the area. We guarantee you’d be having a great time learning about the history and heritage of Monmouth County and New Jersey by way of those museums.

So, what are your options? Let’s look at the nearest historical museums from Shrewsbury.

1 – The Eatontown Historical Museum

Located just 1.2 miles from Shrewsbury is the Eatontown Historical Museum. It is situated in 75 Broad St, Eatontown in New Jersey. The historical museum is not as big as other famous museums in the county and state, but it indeed is the perfect place when it comes to learning about the county’s history. As you make your entry to the museum, you will feel like you’re going back to history with a showcase on a handful of collectibles from the past. If you visit the museum in the summer, you will be amazed at the garden showcasing a 1700s theme. The Eatontown Historical Museum also hosts a Halloween haunted house event for kids with classic horror characters.

2 – Ocean Historical Museum

The next museum on your list is the Ocean Historical Museum in Ocean Township. You only must travel five miles if you are from Shrewsbury to reach the museum at 703 Deal Road in Oakhurst. The museum is most renowned as the location of the historic Eden Woolley House. The house is best known as one of the very few homes built in the 18th century that still survives today. It plays an integral role in the history of the township to the point that the government saved it from getting destroyed in 2005. Many volunteers spearheaded the restoration of the House. The name is in honor of the first elected committeeman in Ocean Township, who also was a farmer and surveyor. With the help of donations, fundraisers, and grants, the museum successfully reopened the Eden Woolley House in 2009.

3 – Vietnam Veterans Memorial and Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center

The Vietnam Era Museum and Education Center are one of a kind. It is the only establishment of its kind in the entire country. About six miles off Shrewsbury, it is situated in 1 Memorial Lane in Holmdel, New Jersey. What makes it unique is the fact that it doesn’t focus on the general history of the U.S., and instead showcases the cultural, political, and historical context of the Memorial and the conflict of the Vietnam War. If you are interested in learning the impact of the war on American culture, then you should find time to visit the Vietnam Era Museum and Educational Center. Currently, the museum hands out an atmosphere unlike any other, plus the management offers group and class trips.

So, those are just some of the few museums you can visit if you are in or near Shrewsbury.

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