Shrewsbury Youth Sports

Sports and Recreational Programs in Shrewsbury

The borough of Shrewsbury in New Jersey is home to thriving community sports and recreational program handled by the SRC or the Shrewsbury Recreation Committee. The committee is focused on aiding and providing direction for the borough’s youth regarding their participation in sports and physical activities. To date, the SRC is responsible for managing and running an extensive range of programs including baseball, basketball, softball, soccer, field hockey, and other sports. They also organize annual summer and theater camps. The most popular youth events sponsored by the committee are the Santa Visit and Easter Egg Hunt.

SRC’s objective is to carry out programs that help in the development of Shrewsbury’s young population, especially in the aspects of fundamental skills, the spirit of equality in competition, and sportsmanship. As part of the borough’s local governing body, the committee holds meetings every month at the Municipal Complex.

Basketball Program

Shrewsbury offers a winter basketball program for boys and girls in K-8. The clinic begins in the first Saturday in January and usually ends by March. Furthermore, there also is another basketball program intended for boys and girls in K-2. But unlike the conventional approach, this one focuses on individual training on the basketball fundamentals like dribbling and passing.


Since baseball is the nation’s favorite pastime, it no longer is surprising to see boroughs across the country holding baseball camps for kids and the youth. In Shrewsbury, the focus is for boys in Grades K-8. For the kindergarten, there’s T-Ball, which is a clinic-style program designed to teach the young ones baseball fundamentals. Meanwhile, boys belonging to Grades 1 and 2 play competitive baseball against neighboring boroughs and towns. Finally, Shrewsbury is a participant of the Two River Little League along with teams from neighboring Red Bank, Fair Haven, Little Silver, and Rumson.

Summer Camp

Shrewsbury also offers a summer camp program that usually starts one week after the end of the school year. It has been common practice for the camp to run for about four weeks. It is intended for incoming kindergartners and grades 1-6. The summer camp includes activities such as basketball, kickball, wall-ball, sprinkler days, making crafts, and others.

Soccer Training

Meanwhile, the SRC also conducts an annual soccer training that begins in the fall. Specifically, the training starts on the first Saturday after Labor Day and will end in the first week of November. Like most other sports programs, it is intended for young boys and girls, specifically grades K-8.

Field Hockey

Furthermore, the borough, working with the SRC, offers field hockey for girls in grades 5-8. It is one of the newest youth sports programs in Shrewsbury that starts in the first week of September and ends in October.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

There are several programs to choose from when it comes to providing the youth with the opportunity to expose themselves to games. It is made possible with the abundance of modern facilities in Shrewsbury, including Manson Park, which is a favorite playground and walking track equipped with a field designed for baseball, softball, and soccer games. There also is the Robert Graham Athletic Fields and Parker Park, to name a few.

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