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Shrewsbury Neighborhood Profile

The borough of Shrewsbury in Monmouth County NJ is a small community that’s home to about 4,000 people. It is bordered by the towns of Eatontown, Silver, Oceanport, Red Bank, and Tinton Falls, all in the state of New Jersey. There currently are a little over 1,20 households and 1,016 families in Shrewsbury, all of which share a generally peaceful and tranquil neighborhood with the usual amenities that a typical American community enjoys. Population density is within the average, specifically 1,627.1 people per square mile.

With regards to racial makeup, the borough’s residents are primarily White, comprising 96.60% of the populace, while the minority in the populace is shared by African Americans, Asians, and Hispanic or Latino.

One of the most exciting things about Shrewsbury is its neighborhood. Most people who came and visited might say that there is nothing special about the borough with regards to the lack of attractions and recreational centers within its bounds. However, what it boasts is an ideal community and neighborhood for a living. As a suburb of New York City, it consistently is listed as one of the best places to live in the state of New Jersey every year. Residents of Shrewsbury can attest that its most important attribute is the fact that it offers a suburban feel, with the majority of the residents owning their homes. There is a considerable number of retirees who have a permanent residence in Shrewsbury because they think that the neighborhood is one of the conservative and peaceful side. Another reason why it has an ideal community is that the public schools in the borough are highly rated.

It is interesting to know that 97% of residents in Shrewsbury are homeowners. It is proof that most of those who live in the area are looking at staying for good. The median home value is at $528,500, while the average age of a resident is 47. Going back to the highly rated public schools in and near Shrewsbury, the list includes Red Bank Regional High School in Little Silver and Shrewsbury Borough Elementary School in Shrewsbury.

With regards to crime and safety, Shrewsbury boasts of a meager crime rate compared to the national rate. For instance, per a hundred thousand residents, there are zero assault and murder occurrences in the borough per year compared to 283 and 6 in the national average.

Likewise, there also are zero rape cases compared to 41 in the nation. 24 robberies occur each year per 100,000 people in Shrewsbury, but it is significantly lower compared to 136 for the national average. Meanwhile, the national average for burglary is 500, while there only has 71 reported cases per year in Shrewsbury. There are 1,286 cases of theft compared to almost double of the national average at 2,043. Finally, motor vehicle theft in the borough happens 24 times each year, while the country has an average of 284 per 100,000 people.

With all the data and information above, it is fair to say that Shrewsbury has a relatively safe and peaceful neighborhood.

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