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The borough of Shrewsbury in the state of New Jersey is home to a little over 4,000 people with a median household income of $116,071. The predominantly white population in the borough are 99% U.S. citizens, and many of the residents in Shrewsbury work in locally-based companies. It is also worth mentioning that the economy of the borough is comprised of approximately 1,880 employees in different sectors and industry.

Currently, the Shrewsbury economy is specialized in agriculture, forestry, fishing, finance, and insurance. Meanwhile, the most significant industries you can find in the borough are healthcare and social assistance, finance and insurance, professional and technology services, and educational services. When it comes to the highest paying industries, the list is topped by finance and insurance with an average of $157,500, followed by the professional and tech services offering an average of $106,010.

Like most other areas in the country, the male group in the population earn more than females. To be specific, males in Shrewsbury earn about 1.5 times higher compared to women. Unfortunately for advocates of income equality, Shrewsbury does not represent a change in the trend since its income inequality index is 0.526, which by the way is considerably higher than the national average.

When it comes to employment, the four most notable business establishments in Shrewsbury, NJ are Party Corner, NJ Easy, Barbara Fane, Lcsw, Bcd, and Cortez Cigars.

Party Corner

Party Corner is a company offering rental for party-related products. They are known for their attentive service and reasonable pricing. The concept behind the business is to provide everything that a party need. Party Corner is located at 19 Newman Springs Rd E in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. It opened in 2012 and operates from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day. It currently employs at least 50 people.


Located at 499 Sycamore Avenue Suite 2, in Shrewsbury, NJ, NJ Easy is an oil delivery service company which caters to residents and businesses in the southern and central counties of New Jersey. The concept of the business is to make it as convenient as possible for residential and commercial customers to place a heating oil delivery order online.

Barbara Fane, LCSW, and BCD

This company is located at 23 White Street in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. The business specializes in helping trauma survivors cope up with a loss and learn to live normal once again. They provide psychotherapist expertise and services for empowering people who need desperate help.

Cortez Cigars

Cortez Cigars specializes in hand-rolled fine cigars sourced from several tobacco ingredients around the world. The company is located at 794 Broad Street (Rt.35) in Shrewsbury. The owner of the company boasts the best Cuban inspired cigars in this part of the state, highlighted by the lack of additives in the products. Cortez Cigars also take advantage of antique cigar molds and presses, which in turn allow producing high-quality cigars. The company offers cigar products for different occasions and use. They cater to varying needs like for wedding memorabilia, unique gifts, golf tournaments, birthday, anniversaries, and even charity functions.

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