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Lawes Company Case Studies

Sometimes, the best way to demonstrate what we can do for you is through the use of case studies. These case studies show different customer problems and what we did to correct those problems.

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New American Standard Gas Heating System Installation In Howell NJ

Furnace And Water Heater Replacement In Howell, New Jersey

Problem: The Lands household felt cold as the temperatures dropped. Their energy bills were gradually increasing even though they felt uncomfortable. Also, the Lands family could not shower because their water heater was unable to provide enough hot water.

Solution: Lawes Company performed a water heater replacement. We installed a Bradford White RG250T6N water heater. Additionally, we replaced their existing furnace with an American Standard natural gas Gold S9V2 variable speed furnace.

Weil McLain oil boiler installation

Weil McLain Boiler Installation In Little Silver NJ

Problem: The interior climate of the McCabe home felt cold, even with the heater working full time. They were compensating for this by turning up the heat and wearing extra layers of clothing. They also noticed uneven heating where some rooms felt cold while others were hot. The McCabe’s domestic hot water system was part of the heating system. They could never count on getting enough hot water for a comfortable shower.

Solution: After examining the heating system, Robert Petrow from Lawes Company proposed a new steam boiler installation. He recommended this for various reasons. Not only was their boiler outdated, but their old heating system was leaking, and it was irreparable. Lawes Company installed a new Weil McLain steam boiler for their home.

Lincroft NJ standby generator installation

Kohler Whole House Generator Installation In Lincroft, New Jersey

Problem: The Swirsky residence wanted to do something about their situation during power outages. They work from home so, when they lose power, this is a huge inconvenience. Additionally, past power outages have resulted in:

  • The need to throw away refrigerated perishables.
  • Dealing with no-heat situations in the winter
  • Dealing with no air conditioning in the summer

Overall, the impact of a power outage is too great and the Swirskys needed a solution.

Solution: Lawes Company installed a Kohler 20RESD standby generator. This included the installation of a poured, reinforced concrete platform for the generator. Also, new gas lines and the necessary electrical connections were made.

hvac replacement in freehold new jersey

Heater And Air Conditioner Replacement In Freehold, New Jersey

Problem: The Schrager family gave Lawes Company a call because they did not have any heat in the addition of their home. The gas furnace was releasing dangerous carbon monoxide due to a cracked heat exchanger. Also, their air conditioning unit was still using R-22, a refrigerant that has been phased out by the EPA. They were still using an old mercury thermostat in their home.

Solution: Although we had a busy schedule, we rearranged our appointments so that we could install their new HVAC system the following day. We know that it is important to have heat in the middle of the winter.

We replaced their old furnace with an energy efficient American Standard 80 furnace. Likewise, we replaced their old air conditioner with an American Standard Allegiance ® 14 Model. We also installed a Honeywell 6000 series WiFi thermostat.

Millstone NJ church HVAC replacement

HVAC System Replacement In Millstone, New Jersey

Problem: The United Presbyterian Church felt uncomfortable due to temperature issues that the church was having. Also, their energy bills were out of control. Their two furnaces, two air conditioners, and thermostat were old and outdated. They were also experiencing some ductwork issues.

Solution: We installed two energy efficient Bryant furnaces, two Bryant air conditioners with high SEER ratings, and a Honeywell wifi thermostat. They will be able to control their HVAC system from any smart device. After removing the old units, we also noticed some ductwork issues that we addressed. Since we relocated the new HVAC equipment, we had to install additional ductwork to connect the new equipment to the existing ductwork system.

ductless installation shrewsbury nj

Shrewsbury NJ Ductless AC Installation

Problem: The Neills’ home had a baseboard heating system with no central air conditioning. They relied on window AC units to keep them cool however these units were not very effective and they were extremely loud.

Solution: We installed two Mitsubishi ductless AC systems in their home. We proposed ductless AC because is was the Neills' best option due to the lack of ducts within the home.

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